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XPC suite - Unit-testing and Basic Cross-Platform C/C++ Libraries


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The XPC suite is a set of libraries, sample applications, and test applications of a very basic nature, but fully documented, tested, and accompanied by in-depth tutorial information.

The project files are meant for developers. As such, they are packaged as source-code tar-files. Each tar-file includes a 'bootstrap' script that must be run in order to set up the project for building. The developer will have to install various build tools, including autoconf, automake, libtool, doxygen, and graphviz.

In addition to providing builds for libraries and unit-test applications, the projects also include:


Things to come

To be determined.

Copyright (C) 2009 Chris Ahlstrom

Current project version: 1.0.3
Description: The final version of release 1.0.3
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